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Moon Light Handmade Diy Material

Moon Light Handmade Diy Material

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Product information:

Voltage: ≤36V (V)

Lamp shade material: ABS

Dimensions: 300 (mm)

Switch type: push-button type

Style: Modern and simple

Average service life: 10000 (h)

Light color: Moon lamp material pack [LED model], Moon lamp material pack [COB lamp ordinary model], Moon lamp material pack [COB lamp smart model]

Light source Power: 5V Warm white 33cm (W)

Power supply mode: Plug in

LED: is the most common broken light strip, four point to point line, is directly plugged in. USB interface.

COB ordinary model: Cob is just out of the scientific and technological achievements, the upgraded version of Led, the whole section of the lamp with softer light effect. Suitable for small night light, ordinary usb jack.

COB Smart: The upgraded cob comes with a light regulator to adjust the brightness of the lights. More high-end suitable for gift crystal and do small night light ornaments

Packing list:

Black disc*1
Super light clay*1
Quartz sand*1
Acrylic support*1
Acrylic Paint 100ML*1
12 Cup of paint*1
Light strips*1

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