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Metal 4-Layer Grinder With Storage External Exit & Window

Metal 4-Layer Grinder With Storage External Exit & Window

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The grinder is made of zinc alloy. Lightweight and scratch-resistant.
2.4Inch designed with 4 pcs and 3 chambers, it is larger than other grinders, It can hold enough once a time.
the magnetized lid is made of neodymium magnets which provided a powerful bond

100% brand new and high quality.
After grinding, Tobacco has a more fragrant smell, improves tobacco quality, the taste is more prominent, and burning more smoothly
The grinder's mouth is tightly closed, grinding is more convenient and efficient.
The bottom receive box receives the grinding powder through an opaque steel filter.
The thin corrugated o-ring design prevents slipperily.
Lightweight design, easy to carry, and clean
Features newly developed windmill-style teeth which provide more grinding efficiency than traditional teeth.
Durable ring included designed for an easy and fast grinding experience

Product Information:

Is it one-time?
Material: metal
Product name: smoke grinder
Product material: zinc alloy
Product packaging: single kraft paper box
Specification: height 66mm
63mm in diameter
Weight: 356g

Packing List:
Metal cigarette breaker x1

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