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Easter Moai Figure in Stone Sandstone Ashtray

Easter Moai Figure in Stone Sandstone Ashtray

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Made of non-toxic and eco-friendly resin, are safe for water, pets, and people.
Easy to clean and won't pollute the tank water.
Ancient look, let them help you add a special theme to the aquarium.
Along with being a wonderful aquarium accessory, the Easter Island Statues are also ideal for creative DIY home decor. Simply place the handsome decorations on a shelf in your home or glue two resin statues together to create a unique set of bookends, a fantastic gift for low maintenance.

Material: Synthetic resin
Process: The resin process
Category: Resin Crafts
Hanging form: ornaments
Style: European
Modeling: Character
Packing: carton packing
Size: 13*13*14CM
Applicable gift-giving occasions: travel souvenirs, housewarming
Applicable gift-giving relationship: Friends
Production process: perfusion
Surface technology: natural sandstone

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