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Creative USD Pull-down Lighter

Creative USD Pull-down Lighter

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Product information:

Material: metal
Type of engine oil: butane
Windproof function: Yes
Style: modern and simple
Name: USD windbreak
Weight: 68g
Color: picture color
Size: 62 * 30 * 10mm
Package: opp bag

How to inflate:
1. Before inflation, use a small tool to hold the inflation core, completely discharge the residual gas inside, and eliminate the pressure in the lighter gas tank;
2. Press the outlet of the gas tank vertically downward for about 5 seconds each time, two or three times.
3. After inflation, please wait for about 5 minutes before using. If the ignition still fails after 5 minutes, please turn up the regulating valve. (Note the+- direction).

Packing list:

Lighter * 1

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